Academic Almanac: The Top 50 U.S. School Reform Blogs

Despite many advances throughout the years in instructional technology, in many ways teachers have been trying to do things the same way for the last 50 years. While some things have changed, others have stayed the same. And that isn’t always a good thing. In many parts of the country, the perception is that public schools are in dire need of reform. How that reform is supposed to happen is the subject of much spirited debate. On these 50 top U.S. school reform-related blogs, you’ll read some compelling arguments on several different sides. The important thing is that we get ready to take action because it’s obvious that a new century’s learners are ready for a change.

News and Analysis

  1. edspresso. Get opinions, discussion and the latest news on education reform here.
  2. Education News covers U.S. and international education news with well-written posts and commentary.
  3. Eduwonk. Get all of the latest news and excellent analysis on current education reform topics here.
  4. On Education. US News and World Report’s education columnist shares thoughts on educational news.
  5. Intercepts. Public education and teacher’s unions are the focus of Intercepts, a blog by Mike Antonucci.
  6. The Learning Network. A blog full of resources for teachers and students, it also has news and commentary from the world of education.
  7. Class Struggle . Jay Mathews writes this excellent blog for the Washington Post.
  8. This Week in Education. Alexander Russo covers education news from an administrator’s perspective.


  1. Politics K-12. Education Week covers all of the current political news that affects education on the state and federal level.
  2. Democrats for Education Reform. A Democratic political action committee blogs about issues such as how to fix low-performing schools, the charter school issue, and curriculum.
  3. Buckhorn Road. At Buckhorn Road, the politics and the educational reform philosophy are conservative.
  4. 5/17. Blogger Jim Anderson covers education in the news and provides his own brand of political analysis.
  5. Right on the Left Coast. A California teacher who has a conservative philosophy shares his opinions on education and politics.

School Policy Reform

  1. School Law Blog . The EdWeek School Law blog touches on all the legal developments that affect schools.
  2. The Edurati Review. This blog features opinion and well-written analysis on pressing education policy issues.
  3. Teacher Beat. Another blog from Education Week, this blog gives you breaking news and commentary on national education policy.
  4. Education Policy Blog. How should schools evaluate teachers? Why is the home school movement growing? Are school nurses necessary? This blog addresses these policy topics and more.
  5. Practical Theory. A leader of a science magnet school sounds off about the need for solid school reform.
  6. The Ed Money Watch Blog. See how fiscal policy impacts educational decisions on Ed Money Watch.
  7. Stories from School. If you aren’t sure how public policy affects the teacher in the classroom, you need to read this blog.
  8. The Higher Ed Watch Blog. New America examines higher education issues such as affordability and accessibility on this blog.
  9. The Quick and the Ed. This blog that spotlights national education policy is produced by an independent organization dedicated to better teaching and learning.
  10. Inside School Research. Learn about the newest research studies related to education and school policy.
  11. Jay P. Greene’s Blog. University of Arkansas professor Greene writes his thoughts about education policy reform.
  12. The Core Knowledge Blog. Curriculum reform is an important topic, and the Core Knowledge Blog addresses this.
  13. Voice For School Choice . Voice For School Choice’s blog advocates for school choice and the charter school system as a viable solution to the problem of under-performing schools.
  14. Why Boys Fail. Why do boys fail? Answer this question, and we’ll be able to have successful reform, say the authors of this blog.
  15. Flypaper. The Thomas B. Fordham Institute for Educational Excellence maintains this blog composed of commentary on school policy issues.
  16. Bridging Differences. An interesting blog that brings the “battle of the talking heads” off of television and into blog format. Spirited discussion between two very different women who both want to reform education.
  17. National Journal Online Education Experts. This is an excellent place to read expert opinions on the most important policy issues of the day.

Regional School Reform Blogs

  1. The Gradebook. Jeffrey Solochek blogs about educational policy and reform as they relate to Florida schools.
  2. GothamSchools. Two experienced education reporters discuss the needed reforms in New York City, as well as the successes.
  3. Whitney Tilson’s School Reform Blog. Tilson posts the latest news about school reform, focusing on the news related to the KIPP Academies.
  4. Tuttle SVC. This school policy reform blog is written by Tom Hoffman of Rhode Island, epicenter of many school reform battles.
  5. Schools. The Albany Times-Union education blog covers all of the local Albany-area education news.
  6. School Zone . The Houston Chronicle blogs about school reform, politics and other important issues.
  7. Passing Notes. This school reform blog has a special focus on Rhode Island schools.
  8. Teachers and Parents for Real Education Reform . Washington, D.C. parents and teachers have been working together to create school reform with a major positive impact on the school community.
  9. PWC Education Reform. Prince William County, VA parents concerned about the future of their school system write this blog in pursuit of reform.
  10. Catalyst Chicago. An excellent resource for learning about Chicago school reform efforts and their history.
  11. Educational Equity, Politics, and Policy in Texas. Texas educational policy has been somewhat influential to the rest of the country for many years, and this blog covers the major issues of the day.
  12. I Thought a Think. Get news about school reform and educational politics in Washington state from a teacher in the know.

Reform From A Teacher’s Perspective

  1. TeachMoore. School reform from the perspective of an English teacher.
  2. Teacher in a Strange Land. Nancy Flanagan blogs about education topics, including how to improve and reform struggling schools.
  3. The Doc Is In. Get good teaching tips as well as Dr. Pezz’s opinions about education policy.
  4. 2 Cents Worth. David Warlick has been given a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Edublog for his outstanding writing on 21st century teaching and learning.
  5. Teacher Voices. What makes a teacher a leader? How can teachers make the most of the time they have in the classroom? Teacher Voices explores these topics, including school reform, on their blog.
  6. The Future of Education is Here. Here, the spotlight is on schools where real change is happening from the grass roots.
  7. Dangerously Irrelevant. Scott McLeod writes about the ways that technology is changing education for the better.
  8. The Power of Educational Technology. Read Liz B. Davis’ thoughts on the positive impact that education technology is having on today’s learners.
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