25 Incredible Online Grading Apps That No Teacher Should Live Without

Anyone who has or is interested in a masters in education can have many challenges ahead of them. Teaching can often be a trying task, especially for those who are just starting out or attempting to teach while studying for a degree. As a result, one of the hardest and most important tasks in teaching can be left by the wayside.

An important tool for both teachers and students, grading tells both whether a student is progressing or needs more work. To help keep track of grades in a safe and easy manner, we have listed 25 incredible online grading apps that no teacher should live without. They include options for all teachers from those with a large budget to those who literally don’t have a dime to spare. And these 25 incredible online grading apps offer much more than grading. Use them to schedule, assign, report, and share with other professionals to bring out the best in your own individual and collective teaching talents.

Free Incredible Online Grading Apps That No Teacher Should Live Without

  1. Engrade
    Nearly three million members have signed up for this online teacher toolset. It includes a gradebook, homework calendar, quizzes, attendance forms, and many others. Simply sign up to begin or check out the demo.
  2. Thinkwave
    Their educator software is free to use. It has flexible grading options, reporting, and even the option to post grades online. There is also a paid option for administrators with more.
  3. SnapGrades
    They offer four different options in online grading. The free version includes a gradebook, attendance, seating charts, and discipline logs. There are also options for single teachers, groups, and even specialty options for individual students.
  4. Grade Book Portal
    Build customized weighted grading from anywhere with auto calculation term and final grades on this grading tool. It is an educational portal that is free for educational professionals to utilize to manage their class work online in a secure environment. There are also options for administrators, students, and parents.
  5. Real Grade
    Apart from calculating grades, this free grading software can also print reports for an entire class and generate graphs. It offers a spreadsheet with many simple features. The bloggers at I Love Free Software have more on it and other free tools for teachers.
  6. ClassRoom GradeBook
    In its eighth version, the software is still free and compatible with Windows Vista and 7. It was created by two urban public schoolteachers and includes the ability to work with grades, attendance, classification, and much more.
  7. Viper
    With plagiarism on the rise, how can a teacher be expected to grade everything to the letter? The task just got easier with this freeware that detects instances of plagiarism in academic work, such as essays, dissertations, and pieces of coursework. You can even program it to proofread, edit, or grade an essay.
  8. Gradebook for Excel
    Get a free pack of grade-keeping spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel. They are aimed at college and high school educators but are suitable for any teacher. Included are templates for grading based on percentages, points, and grade point averages or letter grades.
  9. Introduction to Grading
    If you are a teacher who needs to know the principles of grading, stop here. Special Connections provides this free and detailed guide to the world of grading. You can also get links to instructional tools, research materials, case studies, and more.

Paid Incredible Online Grading Apps That No Teacher Should Live Without

  1. My Grade Book
    This online tool allows teachers to grade assignments, print out reports, email parents, and other tasks with an internet connection. In operation since 1999, they have other options such as grading scales and grading periods for those who are looking for more functionality in a grading app. You can even currently get a free 30 day trial.
  2. Track My Grades
    They offer an online gradebook for teachers, professors, and instructors at any academic level. The simple and easy to use software automatically keeps track of each individual student’s grade and has other features. Currently selling for $24.95 per year subscription, they are also offering a free 30 day trial.
  3. Grade Book Wizard
    This is a powerful online gradebook, attendance tracking, and class website solution for teachers, schools, and districts. Features offered include assignment weighting, attendance, publishing, and a full range of reports. Sign up for $49 per year or $4.95 per month.
  4. Principle Data
    They help schools simplify management with web based administrative tools. There are many to choose from including admissions, bill pay, parent portal, and of course, a grade book. Prices vary by choice.
  5. Gradekeeper
    Unlike other options that have you continuously pay fees, this software has a one-time fee of $20 per individual license. The software can be used to do tasks such as compute grades, make seating charts, print reports, and send email progress reports. There are also bulk discounts for the software.
  6. Easy Grade Pro
    With Easy Grade Pro, you can create an electronic gradebook that can be used to store student information for all of your classes and subjects. It provides an abundance of tools to save you time, provides a wealth of information, and allows you to generate professional internet and paper reports. The mobile versions start at $35.00 and there are more traditional tools to choose from as well.
  7. Class Action Gradebook
    There are special editions of this software for elementary, secondary, college, and even homeschool teachers. Features include graphs, tables, charts, and even grade reports. An individual license costs $39.00 with no renewal fees.
  8. Class Mate
    This gradebook software makes it easy for teachers to calculate, manage, and organize their grades. Common tasks are performed quickly and easily on the main screen. It costs $45.00 for a single user and $300.00 for an entire school.
  9. TA’s Friend
    Teacher’s assistants will enjoy this software, in addition to traditional ones. It is a simple application for keeping track of student test grades and homework that takes the place of a typical grades spreadsheet. Try it for free or purchase for $5.99.
  10. Blackboard
    If your school is in need of many online tools and/or software, click here. They specialize in providing entire schools and districts with 2.0 solutions. You can learn more about their latest traditional and even mobile software.

Incredible iPhone Grading Apps That No Teacher Should Live Without

  1. iProcrastinate
    As the name implies, this is an educational app for those who can find themselves putting off tasks. Whether you’re a student who needs help keeping track of projects or an educator in need of staying on top of forgetful students, this well-reviewed app has something for you. The simple interface can allow you to stay organize, and you can’t beat the price tag of $0.
  2. Teacher Pal
    Enter grades, attendance, and behavioral comments right into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod with this app. The price is free. It even offers a face detection feature for forgetful teachers.
  3. Numbers
    Although primarily a number working app, teachers can still use it for grading. Exclusively designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Numbers lets you make compelling spreadsheets in minutes with tables, charts, photos, and graphics. For $9.99, it comes with 250 functions.
  4. Smart Time Class Scheduler
    Both teachers and students use this app to keep track of class schedules and much more. You can create, prioritize, and move tasks all in one app. There is both a free and paid version.
  5. My GPA Calculator
    Although utilized by students, anyone can download this free app to calculate or even estimate their grade point average. It can manage multiple courses and in multiple semesters.
  6. Blackboard Mobile
    If your school has taken advantage of the previously mentioned tool, you can get the mobile version for free. The app provides access to grades, announcements, discussion boards, course blogs and all your Blackboard course content. Even students can download it at no charge.
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