100 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Teacher

Teachers are a prime example of the philosophy that we never stop learning. They are always finding new and exciting ways to integrate new lesson plans and create an inviting atmosphere in the classroom for students. With the surge of social media and blogging, teachers can reach out to others in their field to find out new ways to stimulate students with the same material they’ve been teaching over and over for years. There are an endless number of ways to captivate students and hold their interest with these exciting blogs. They offer great resources for teachers of all ages and levels, ESL classes, special education and more.

General Teaching Blogs

  1. Teacher Magazine Blog : This is a great resource for teachers and provides links to webinars for creative teaching methods.
  2. The Stenhouse Blog : For educators who use Stenhouse materials, this blog discusses mini-lesson plans and posts podcasts with movers-and-shakers in the industry.
  3. World of Learning : If the relationship between education and politics interests you, you’ll be glued to your seat with this amazing blog that strives for innovative teaching methods.
  4. New Tech Network Blog : New Tech Network works with districts across the country to bring forth a new wave of teaching in public schools. Read about their endeavors and philosophy at this blog.
  5. Classroots : Written by a teacher at a charter school, this blog shows the new face (and possible future) of teaching.
  6. Strive Together : This site stems from an organization making changes in Ohio public education, but their tactics and workshops provide something all educators can learn from.
  7. Joanne Jacobs : This fantastic education blog touches on all aspects of the industry and will get you thinking.
  8. Politics K-12 : If you’re a primary school teacher, bookmark this site for updates and news on policies that effect you.
  9. Great Schools Blog : This non-profit organization aims to bring parents and teachers together for a better education experience for students.
  10. Edwize : We love this blog because it incorporates some education policy alongside smart teaching techniqes.
  11. Change.org – Education : From analyzing the purpose of certain college courses to teaching grade school teachers how to utilize technology, this blog touches on many aspects of teaching.
  12. The Future of Education is Here : This site aims to prep teachers for the digital age of teaching.
  13. Brainstorm – The Chronicle of Higher Education : This blog discusses higher education for the most part, but also touches on teaching techniques that work across the board, no matter what age you’re educating.
  14. Edutopia : A busy discussion board and thought provoking articles will keep teachers new and old locked to this blog.
  15. The Education Optimists : From Race to the Top news and predictions to improving classroom conditions in low income areas.
  16. Set Our Teachers Free : Education reform and what changes should be made to the public school system is what you’ll find at this site.
  17. A Teacher’s Education : The scoop on teaching straight from the source, with tips to improve your methods in the classroom.
  18. Education Week – Teacher Beat : This site examines policies from around the nation and also touches on what districts are doing to improve student performance and test scores.
  19. Moore On the Page : This teacher isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics and discusses classroom teaching experiences that can inspire and enhance your own techniques.
  20. What It’s Like on the Inside : A fantastic blog for teachers who will can identify with the classroom chaos this blogger writes about and the great rewards it brings.
  21. National School Board Association – Board Buzz : How to help students succeed and achieve their goals is what this blog is all about.
  22. The New York Times – Lesson Plans : This blog no longer updates, but the archived stories of teachers chronicling their first experiences on the job still offer a fresh perspective that shows how education can improve.
  23. Democrats for Education Reform : This site examines education policies, specifically the Race to the Top plan.
  24. Eduwonk : Education reform and commentary from those in the system is what you’ll find at this blog.
  25. The ASCD Community Blog : This blog provided information on pushing the boundaries of conventional teaching and hosts podcasts that will enlighten even the most seasoned teacher.
  26. The Teacher’s Toolbox : Quick exercises to enhance student’s language and writing abilities can be found at this thoughtful blog.
  27. Speed of Creativity : For the teacher that loves to be on the forefront of new techniques and technology, this blog’s for you.
  28. Around the Corner : This blog focuses on the future of education through technology, but also discusses how to improve conventional teaching methods.
  29. National Journal Online : Take a hard-hitting look at education reform and policies at this blog.
  30. This Week In Education Penned by a former Senate education member, this site focuses on national education policy.

Blogs for Bilingual Teachers

  1. Dear Ai : Great teaching advice and curriculum suggestions from an ESL teacher herself.
  2. ESL Lesson Plan : This teacher shows fellow ESL instructors how to implement puzzles and promote grammar for students.
  3. ESL Blog : This teacher shares stories of being a Korean ESL teacher and shows simple exercises to increase students’ vocabulary.
  4. ESL Galaxy : Thousands of free worksheets are available for download to help students practice English.
  5. Bilingual Special Ed : Tips on promoting English skills and studies on ESL teaching programs.
  6. Ask the English Teacher : A great blog for tips on simply explaining certain strange rules of the American English language.
  7. Activities for ESL/EFL Students : Loads of activities for ESL students, categorized by reading level.
  8. ESL Lounge : Free resources for ESL teachers such as quizzes, games and lesson plans.
  9. Jonathon Narvye’s ESL Centre : Tips on using technology as a tool to aide ESL teaching.
  10. ESL Teachers Board : From job postings around the world to teaching tips and workshop ideas, this site will keep you busy.
  11. ESL Storybook : Learning resources for ESL teachers who teach grade school.
  12. How to Meditate : Meditation is similar to prayer in that it allows you to focus your energy towards one thing, in many cases, healing. This site shows you how to get started meditating.
  13. Coaching to Happiness : This life coaching site talks about spiritual healing through prayer and the practice to put in into effect for the long term.
  14. Breaking News English : Updates in the world of ESL news and free lessons available for downloading.
  15. Aardvark’s English Forum A teachers message board and a fabulous book search engine allows teachers to interact and search study material.
  16. ESL Free Press : A great site for ESL teachers of adult students to share with the classroom, as this site breaks down news into a simple, concise reading format.
  17. Writing Links for ESL : For beginner ESL teachers who are writing their own curriculum, this site links to resources that show you how to create content for your students.
  18. Pain in the English : This blog covers all of those “gray” areas of English and works as a great resource for ESL teachers to share with middle school through adult students.
  19. ESL Cafe : A site for ESL teachers and students with resources for workshops worldwide.
  20. ESL Jobs Forum : A place for ESL teachers to discuss on-the-job issues and share tips.

Blogs for Special Education Teachers

  1. Special Ed Change Blog : Learn about special ed policies and using technology as a tool to help improve special ed teaching techniques.
  2. Special Education Strategies and More : Help for special ed teachers who need new help creating engaging activities for students.
  3. Reality 101: CEC’s Blog for New Teachers : The Council for exceptional children sponsor this blog which chronicles the teaching lives of new special ed teachers.
  4. LeadCast Blog – Co-Teaching : Many special ed teachers work as co-teachers and this blog shows how to make your time spent with students productive and efficient.
  5. Education Week – Special Ed : News and tips specific to the special ed teacher.
  6. Special Education and Learning Differences : Industry news and curriculum development make this blog worth visiting weekly.
  7. Lisa’s Lingo : Encouragement and teaching tips that are aimed at special ed teachers, but will be just as effective for standard teachers as well.
  8. Efficacy of Prayer : This site showcases scientific studies on healing through prayer and poses though provoking questions for readers.
  9. SMD Teacher : A perfect blog for those who teach students with multiple disabilities to pick up new techniques and exercises.
  10. The Life That Chose Me : This special ed teacher writes of his struggles and triumphs of working with special needs students, and will inspire other teachers to make progress against all obstacles.
  11. Teach Effectively! : Aimed at both multiple disabilities and at-risk students, this blog is a must-read for every type of teacher to improve their communication in the classroom.
  12. No Limits to Learning : This blog takes a look at the modern special ed teacher and even has a post for app suggestions for those working with special needs children.
  13. Special Ed Law Blog : Analyzes special education policies and reform.
  14. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs : An amazing blog that shares time management tips and activity ideas for special education teachers.
  15. Successful Teaching : This site is penned by an experienced teacher who has a wealth of useful knowledge to share.
  16. Teaching All Students : Check out how technology is being used in the special ed classroom at this blog.
  17. Special Classroom : From the frontlines of teaching, this special ed teacher dishes on her tactics and tips.
  18. Dyslexia Blog : Tips for teachers around the nation that work with dyslexic students and how to make the learning process accessible for those children.
  19. School Psychologist Blog Files : Beginner special ed teachers can scope out this blog to get a taste of the families and students they will work with on a day-to-day basis.
  20. Teacher Sol : This DC area special ed teacher shares her stories with a personable writing style that will captivate.

Blogs for Teachers Grades Pre-K Through Tweenage

  1. TCPS Kindergarten : The woes and helpful teaching strategies of a kindergarten teacher.
  2. Tween Teacher : Kids are growing up fast and this blog shows techniques on handling and education tween age children.
  3. The Teaching Palette : An invaluable blog for art teachers and elementary teachers who implement art lessons.
  4. Teacher Lingo : Connect with other teachers and pick up useful lesson ideas at this blog.
  5. Pro Teacher.net : Chat about anything and everything with other grade school teachers at this organized and busy message board.
  6. Classroom 2.0 : You have to sign up for this site, but registration is free and gives you instant access to web forums and lesson plan ideas.
  7. I Want to Teach Forever : This blog is at the top for ideas on how to improve the teacher-student relationship.
  8. Engaging Parents in Schools : Elementary school teachers set the pace for having parents involved in their child’s education. This site shows you how to create a strong classroom by engaging parents.
  9. ProTeacher.com : Resources for lesson plans and tips on behavior management round out this site.
  10. Better DC School Food : The DC school lunch program is changing for the better. Read how they’re doing it and the proper measures you can get your school talking about to make changes as well.
  11. Twitter for Teachers : If you’re big on Twitter, check out this comprehensive list of grade school teachers to follow.
  12. Elementary Teacher Blog : An eye-opening look at young children today and tips and conversation for elementary school teachers.
  13. The Elementary Educator : Raves, rants and lots of complaining to standardized tests make this a blog elementary teachers can relate to. This teacher offers fresh ideas that you’ll find useful.
  14. Regurgitated Alpha Bits : Sit down and get ready to laugh at this hilarious blog penned by an elementary school teacher.

Blogs for Middle School and High School Teachers

  1. Fractions Speak Louder Than Nerds : This blog is written by a middle school math teacher and packs.
  2. The Virtual Classroom : A great resource for art teachers of all ages, created by a middle school teacher.
  3. Pensamientos : This middle school teacher teaches Spanish and a lot more to her students.
  4. Tutor Gal : This middle school tutor shares her thoughts on keeping kids engaged while learning.
  5. Middle School Teacher : From sharing her thoughts on education policies and reform to giving you tips on how to create motivation for students in the classroom.
  6. Bluebird’s Classroom : This middle school teacher is so effective, he has students from years ago come back to invite him to their high school graduation.
  7. Bud the Teacher : This former high school teacher now blogs on how technology is changing the way we educate.
  8. MiddleWeb : A great resource for middle school teachers looking for worksheets and learning materials.
  9. History is Elementary : A helpful blog for history teachers who need to brighten lessons to make them intriguing for students.
  10. Educational Advocates : A great blog for high school teachers and faculty looking for ways to put college on the mind of every student for a better future.
  11. Score at the Top : This consulting firm writes this helpful blog for high school teachers, aiding them on how to make students reach for excellence and learn autonomy.
  12. High School Mediator : From ways to handle cyber bullying to making sure students are retaining the skills they need for the real world, this is a smart blog for every high school teacher to check out.
  13. High School Math Blog : This blog examines simple math issues some students still struggle with in high school and how to help the student overcome them.
  14. High School Bits : Written by a team of teachers, this blog looks at education policy and common lessons for English and math teachers.
  15. SAT University Blog : Tips that high school teachers can utilize and pass along to improve students SAT test scores.
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