Masters in Educational Psychology (MS)

Educational psychology is the study of how humans learn in educational settings. It includes the effectiveness of educational interventions, the psychology of teaching, and the social psychology of schools as organizations. In particular, educational psychology is concerned with how students learn and develop with a particular emphasis placed on specific subgroups including gifted children and those with disabilities.

A masters degree in Educational Psychology includes courses in human development, instruction, and methodology. Typical coursework includes: Child Development, Cognition and Semiotics, Adult Development and Aging, Applied Cognition and Learning Strategies, Learning, Cognition & Instruction, Statistical Method Applied to Education, Strategies for Educational Inquiry, and Qualitative Inquire in Education. Typically students also complete a research project and/or an internship. Additionally, students can chose their specialty and generally their courses can be arranged to best suit their needs. A masters degree in Educational Psychology can easily be completed online for students who are already working. Educational Psychology is an attractive career with a growing number of opportunities. By the year 2014, this field is expected to grow by 18-26% and the median salary for psychologists in primary and secondary schools in the US is around $60,000.

Campus and Online Masters in Education Programs

A masters degree in education (M.Ed., MA.Ed., MS, MA, MAT, etc.) can include majors such as administration, counseling, curriculum & instruction, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, general education, special education, and many more. Below, you can browse some of the top-ranked accredited universities that offer masters degrees in education for aspiring teachers, teachers looking to further their careers, or those looking to become administrators.

Northcentral University – For students who are seeking to further their knowledge in education, Northcentral University has crafted many online programs that offer a unique learning experience to each student. These online programs also provide more flexibility and convenience than campus programs and can be completed at a pace that is comfortable. Students can specialize in a field of their choice like Athletic Admin, eLearning, Global Training & Development, and Early Childhood Education.

Liberty University – Liberty University is one of the top schools offering online, accredited degree programs. We have several Masters in Education degrees for students to select and specialize in the field of their interest, including Secondary Education Elementary Education, and Special Education. These degrees are for student who want to enhance their careers in a relatively short time.

Kaplan University – Kaplan offers a variety of accredited online Masters in Education programs, each designed to meet the specific goals of students who want to: obtain a masters in education, obtain a teaching license after getting their undergraduate degree in something other than teaching, become a school counselor, become a school principal , or teach college courses, develop K-12 curriculum, or develop college level curriculum.

Walden University – Walden University is among the largest educators with thousands of accredited degrees offered. Several degrees are offered in the field of Education at the Masters level alone. Even better, classes can be taken online and at the campus. Walden has several degrees available for students interested in Masters in Education programs, including Curriculum and Instruction, Middle Level Education, Elementary Literacy, and Middle Level Math.

University of Southern California – USC, a respected provider of online and onsite education, is an affordable option for students looking to further their careers in education. You will learn high-demand skills and retain knowledge that can be applied to real-world applications. Student have various online, accredited degrees to select from like Teaching, Secondary English, Secondary Math, and Secondary Science.

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