25 Incredible Online Grading Apps That No Teacher Should Live Without

Anyone who has or is interested in a masters in education can have many challenges ahead of them. Teaching can often be a trying task, especially for those who are just starting out or attempting to teach while studying for a degree. As a result, one of the hardest and most important tasks in teaching can be left by the wayside.

An important tool for both teachers and students, grading tells both whether a student is progressing or needs more work. To help keep track of grades in a safe and easy manner, we have listed 25 incredible online grading apps that no teacher should live without. They include options for all teachers from those with a large budget to those who literally don’t have a dime to spare. And these 25 incredible online grading apps offer much more than grading. Use them to schedule, assign, report, and share with other professionals to bring out the best in your own individual and collective teaching talents.

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Top 40 Job Sites for Teachers

While other job-seekers search through broad and sometimes confusing career sites for jobs, teachers can hone in on teaching positions through a variety of teacher-specific job sites. The following top 40 job sites for teachers include jobs from K-12 as well as academic positions, state-specific sites and possibilities for world travel and volunteerism. Many of these sites also support teachers with news, further education, tips on writing resumes and what to look for in a teaching position.

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50 Blog Posts On School Bullying That Every Teacher Should Read

Bullying, once the subject of humorous cartoons and comic-book jokes, moved into the spotlight after the horrific incident that occurred at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. After Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried out their suicidal plan to massacre their fellow students and teachers, many searched for answers. What would cause kids to turn so violent? One answer was that these two boys had been mercilessly bullied and teased throughout their school careers, and the mental damage had been tremendous.

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to be a victim, and nobody wants to be party to bullying, harassment, or hazing. However, in the hormonal crucible that is middle school and junior high, children can be extremely cruel to one another. More so it seems, with easy access to the Internet, they have even more ways to terrorize each other, including sexual harassment. As educators, we have a responsibility to stop this behavior and equip kids with ways to protect themselves. Here are 50 excellent blog posts about bullying that every teacher should read.

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Academic Almanac: The Top 50 U.S. School Reform Blogs

Despite many advances throughout the years in instructional technology, in many ways teachers have been trying to do things the same way for the last 50 years. While some things have changed, others have stayed the same. And that isn’t always a good thing. In many parts of the country, the perception is that public schools are in dire need of reform. How that reform is supposed to happen is the subject of much spirited debate. On these 50 top U.S. school reform-related blogs, you’ll read some compelling arguments on several different sides. The important thing is that we get ready to take action because it’s obvious that a new century’s learners are ready for a change.

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Teacher’s Corner: 50 Great Feng Shui Tips for Your Classroom

For as many hours as teachers and students spend in classrooms, it helps to be in an atmosphere that allows for the most creative learning environment. These helpful tips are sure to help you get the most out of the space that you have, as well as create a fun and organized classroom.

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100 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Teacher

Teachers are a prime example of the philosophy that we never stop learning. They are always finding new and exciting ways to integrate new lesson plans and create an inviting atmosphere in the classroom for students. With the surge of social media and blogging, teachers can reach out to others in their field to find out new ways to stimulate students with the same material they’ve been teaching over and over for years. There are an endless number of ways to captivate students and hold their interest with these exciting blogs. They offer great resources for teachers of all ages and levels, ESL classes, special education and more.

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12 iPad Apps to Help You Become a More Effective Teacher

Many teachers use modern technology to assist them in their profession. If you are a teacher, it is helpful to keep up with some of the latest electronics, including the iPad. Considering the immense number of applications available for this Apple product, it should come as no surprise that there are some that can help you in the classroom. Choose among those that can help you manage your time and improve your organization skills, and those that will interest your students.

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100 Great, Green Lesson Plans for the Classroom

As the population grows and more and more students are enrolled in schools, that also means more paper, energy, and other materials are needed to teach them. A lot of companies and businesses are choosing to go green and are finding cost-effective ways to save energy and implement the use of renewable and reusable materials. This is no different for classrooms. It is possible for teachers to go green as well as to get their students’ help in reducing their impact, while teaching them the importance of this along the way.

To help teachers discover creative and age-appropriate ways to incorporate green methods into their lesson plans, we have researched 100 amazing sites. These resources offer great lesson plans and activities for students from preschool to high school, and teach them how they can make an impact on the environment to keep it clean and free from waste. Find crafts, activities, PDFs and more, broken down by levels of education.

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